Sample Itinerary


Israel Experience | Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Israel Experience:
August 2014-June 2015

Part One: Settling In (Orientation)

August 22nd – program starts
August 22nd-August 25th – Opening Trip: Building a Community
August 25th-September 2nd – city orientation + ulpan
September 3rd – Pioneering: trip to Zichron Ya’acov
September 4th-6th – Rosh HaShanah (no programming, optional host families)
September 8th-11th – Talpiyot teacher training + school observations
September 12th – Israel Session no. 1: Israel and the Middle East seminar
September 13th-14th – Yom Kippur
September 15th – Israel Session no. 2: Zionism is…
September 17th – Israel Session no. 3: Israel Inside
September 19th-28th – Sukkot (North Trip on 23-24)
September 30th – Masa ITF day (with other ITF cities)

Part Two: Getting Started

October 1st – First Day in School!
October 20th – Education Day: Art and Culture in Israel
November 3rd – Talpiyot training day
November 14th – Masa Mega Event
November 17th – Education Day: Israeli Politics and Society
November 28th-December 7th – Hannukah break (no programming)

Part Three: Rolling Up Your Sleeve

December 8th – Talpiyot training day
December 15th-19th – Masa Leadership Summit (participants need to apply and get accepted)
December 22nd – Education Day: Disadvantaged Populations in Israel – a deep look into Southern Tel Aviv
December 27th-28th – Group Shabbat
January 12th – Talpiyot training day
January 15th – Tu BiShvat
February 2nd – Talpiyot training day
February 12th-13th – Negev Trip: social activism and leadership
March 2nd - Talpiyot training day
March 16th-17th – Purim
April 6th-21st – Passover break (no programming)

Part Four: Out with a Bang

April 27th – Education Day: + Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony
April 28th – Yom HaShoah
May 4th – Masa Yom HaZikaron ceremony
May 5th – Yom HaZikaron (IDF Memorial Day)
May 6th – Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day)
May 18th – Lag BaOmer
May 20th – Masa closing event
May 25th – Education Day: The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
June 8th – Ending Ceremony ITF Rishon LeZion
June 13th – Ending Ceremony ITF Petach Tikvah
June 15th-16th – Closing Trip
June 17th-19th – Shavuot
June 22nd – program ends