Petach Tikvah


The ultimate hands-on Israeli living experience awaits you in the city of Petach Tikvah, only 8 miles east of Tel Aviv. Petach Tikvah (“Opening of Hope” in Hebrew) has come a long way since its establishment as the first Jewish agricultural settlement in the center of Israel back in the 1870s, and has become the sixth largest city in the country. Today, Petach Tikvah is one of Israel’s leading business and technology centers, with world-known companies such as Intel and IBM setting their headquarters within the city. There are plenty of shopping centers, restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy around the city, and an excursion to Tel Aviv’s non-stop action is just a short bus ride away. The interesting thing about Petach Tikvah is that alongside these trends of development, the city has kept its simple and authentic, and very “salt of the earth” Israeli nature – with its fabulous open air shuk (market) that offers fresh goods and produce every day, amazing falafel and shawarma stands on the street corners and most importantly its warm people; the population of Petach Tikvah is very diverse and is comprised of Sabra Israelis, secular and religious, Sephardic and Ashkenazi, and new immigrants from Ethiopia, Former Soviet Union, and more. If you want to truly immerse yourself in Israeli society and live like an Israeli – Petach Tikvah is the place for you!

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Israel Experience participants in Petach Tikvah will enjoy living in the center of town, in apartment buildings located no more than a short walking distance from one another, which are close to the central streets of the city offering great restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as convenient public transportation to Tel Aviv.

The Masa ITF with Israel Experience apartments in Petach Tikvah include 3-6 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and communal areas (living room and kitchen). Each apartment can contain 6-8 participants, with two participants per room (there might be a limited option to have a single room at an additional cost). The apartments are basically furnished and are equipped with kitchen utensils, a washing machine and wireless internet access.

Photos are from our current facilities and are for illustration purposes only. Exact accommodations are not guaranteed.